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Walmart Stationary Bike

Stationary Bike/Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes, or stationary bicycles, are an enjoyable and convenient way to work physical activity into your daily life.

When selecting an exercise bike, consider what type is most appropriate for your requirements. There are three main kinds of exercise bike: recumbent, vertical and double action. Recumbent exercise bikes are larger than upright bikes, with a relaxed angle and also chair-like chair designed to lower the effects of the exercise and also promote healthy blood flow throughout the body. Recumbent bikes offer a slightly less extreme workout and therefore are easier for individuals with physical limitations to utilizing.

Upright exercise bikes are smaller than recumbent bikes and offer more resistance, raising your heart rate more quickly to provide increased fat-burning power. They are the nearest to regular bicycles, and they permit the rider to stand on the pedals and use greater force when peddling.

A dual-action exercise bike combines arm motion with traditional pedaling to use the upper and lower body at the same time, providing a more intense cardiovascular and aerobic workout and assisting the rider build neck, shoulder, arm and trunk muscles.