Tow Hitch Bike Rack

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Tow Hitch Bike Rack


I am looking at getting a swing away hitch but need to know whether or not I can use something like this in combination with pulling a real RV trailer? I was thinking – truck, bicycle carrier after which camping/boat trailer?

Expert Reply:

One option is to use a double receiver like the Curt Multipurpose Ball Mount, part # D210. This will enable you to mount a bicycle rack to the upper recipient while towing a trailer. The entire tongue weight capacity of part # D210 is 750 lbs, and the receiver portion is rated to carry 350 pounds.

You are going to want to make sure not to exceed the towing and tongue weight capacity of your hitch and your automobile as stated in the automobile owners manual. The tongue weight will include the bike rack and weight of the bicycles, plus the tongue weight of your trailer. Your towing capability is only as strong as the cheapest rated component of your towing setup